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bomar-startseite-werkBOMAR, spol. s r.o. is a middle-sized company with its residence in Brno, Czech Republic. South Moravia and especially Brno has always been the industrial centre of Czech Republic.


The BOMAR company has been founded in 1993, with 6 employees and 120 m2 of production area. The production schedule contained a single model of band saw – STG 200.


Due to strong demand for cost-effective and high-quality band saws, we were able to significantly extend the range of our products. During a short period of time, our ratio of products exported has exceeded 50%.


During the following years, our company has been further expanding due to permanent development, quality improvements and extending our dealer networks in Europe, Asia and America.


In 2007 our company (with 220 employees and production area 7000 m2) sold approximately 5000 band saws.


Currently BOMAR, spol. s r.o. offers more than 50 types of band saws, supported by a rich production program of handling systems including roller conveyers, length stops and feeders.


Our offer of band saws ranges from small mobile manual saws to fully hydraulic, CNC-controlled automatics for both-sided angular cuts, capable of cutting steel materials of nearly any dimensions.


Our products are subjects of permanent development and improvement in order to satisfy the newest market requirements. Besides designing new machines, highly experienced engineers in our development and test department are dealing with increasing the efficiency and usability of existing machines.


To satisfy permanently increasing quality and durability requirements, more than 80% of all the parts are made on modern CNC milling and drilling machines in our own plants, supported by a computer-aided organizing system.


To provide our customers with the best availability of our products, we have a world-wide network of distribution partners with trained and experienced service staffs. During the whole company lifetime, we have produced and sold over 38.000 band saws so far, which motivates us to further increase the productivity and utility value of our machines.

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BOMAR, spol. s r.o.


Těžební 1236/1

627 00 Brno
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 533426100
Fax: +420 533426109


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