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AL 500 S

Semi-automatic circular saw for aluminium AL 500 is the machine designed for cutting of profiled and less common also full materials from aluminium alloys, copper and hard plastics with cooling placed in the machine's pedestal.

Disk's shift to cut is automatic. Angle cuts are both-sided in the range of 60° - 0° - 90°. Arm turning is manual. Setting up of angle cuts is done very easily directly from the place of service. Saw disk is placed on the turning console with the possibility of blocking, that is adjustable by 15° and is equipped with angle scale. Material leans on adjustable desks of bearing bridge. Saw is by default equipped with two vertical clamping cylinders. One of them is from safety reason equipped with reverse valve in case the air's pressure is decreased.

Technical data

al-5004,0 KW / 400V / 50 Hz
5,4 kVA
51 m.s-1
500 x 30 x 4,0 mm
5 mm
1067 mm
1550 x 940 x 905 mm
500 kg


  • Mobile Power Jet 120
  • Handling System M
  • Handling System D
  • Saw blades 400 x 30 x 3,6 mm Z 96 TFZ neg. / pos.
  • Saw blades 400 x 30 x 3,6 mm Z 120 TFZ neg. / pos.


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