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Ergonomic 290.250 DGA

Productive automatic band saw Ergonomic 290.250 DGA with the ability of angle cuts in both directions (-45° - 60°) was designed for automatic cutting of smaller steel and portal constructions.


In these cases semi-automatic cutting becomes ineffective due to increasing material and labour costs. The machine is manufactured with a cast iron arm, which absorbs vibration and a powerful motor and transmission with angled toothed cogwheels. The angle adjustment is done electromechanically from –45° to +60° within about 3 seconds with an accuracy of ±0,1°. A precise hard metal lead of the saw blade, the mount of the cutting head in pre-stressed cone bearings, 27 mm saw blade and cutting blade cleaning brush are the preconditions for good cutting production. The machine is equipped with an automatic system of cutting pressure regulation. The length of the feeding device is 1500 mm and the continuous roller track allows for simple and safe loading of even short pieces. PC interface and new CNC system leads the operator step by step when programming the machine.

Technical data

ergonomic-290-250-DGA_SB3,1 KW 400V / 50 Hz
max. 120 m/min
2910 x 27 x 0,9 mm
5 mm
270 mm
755 mm
1850 x 2900 x 1600 mm
820 kg