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Ergonomic 290.250 GAE

A powerful band saw automatic for angular cuts, suitable for the workshop, with a heavy saw frame of vibration-proof cast alloy, with a powerful industrial engine and a spiral gearing running in an oil bath.


Precise hard metal saw band guides, saw head pivot embedded in pre- stressed conical bearings, a 27mm saw band and a synchronic swarf brush are the prerequisites for excellent cutting performance. The feeding length is 500 mm in one step, in case of more feeding steps, the length being set is shown on the display. The number of feed repetitions will be calculated by the control unit based on the total length input and taken over. The vice of the feeding unit opens on both sides thus preventing collisions with not straight materials. Simple dialogue-guided operation with a four-lines illuminated text display. Angular cuts can be up to 45° in the automatic cycle, up to 60° in the semi-automatic mode. The machine is prepared for the use of a swarf remover and a broad range of accessories as roller conveyors and stops, minimum-amount lubrication system, LaserLiner, bundle-clamping device, smooth speed regulation are available.

Technical data

ergonomic-290-250-GAE_SB1,1 / 1,5 KW 400V / 50 Hz
3,4 kVA
40 / 80 m/min
2910 x 27 x 0,9 mm
5 mm
auto. 160mm/man. 20 mm
760 mm
1810 x 1790 x 1200 mm
565 kg