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Ergonomic 310.250 CNC

Automation with speed

The fully automatic single-side swivelling saw of the Ergonomic series is the example of absolutely unique automation within field of small up to middle material sizes thanks to the up-to-date control technology

  • The sturdy saw frame absorbing vibrations is made of grey cast iron
  • The two-stage gearbox in oil bath embedded right in the saw frame
  • Precise guidance of the saw band ensured by means of the hard-metal plates and guide rollers
  • Electronic control of saw band tensioning and breaking
  • Default is saw blade speed selection by switch to 40 or 80 m/min, optional speed can be adjusted by freq. converter in interval 20–120 m/min
  • The complete cooling system with liquid supply over both guideways of the saw band
  • The complete machine covering ensuring max. possible safety on workplace and clean working environment
  • Wide possibilities of machine extension by means of the optional equipment, accessories and handling systems, on both the entry side and the exit side

Technical data

Technical data

Betriebsarten der Maschine
Im automatischen Betrieb sind Schnitte in einem Winkel bis 15° möglich. Im halbautomatischen Betrieb sind bei voller Nutzung der Drehvorrichtung Winkel bis 60° möglich.

ADFR – Highest precision. Fast cutting.
Minimal wear

The ADFR system regulates the coordination of the cutting pressure and downfeeding automatically and in real time. The saw band current loading and the cutting course according to the material shape are regulated with a sensor. With materials of bigger cross sections, the cutting channel extends and the saw band loading increases. If the downfeeding in this section is not automatically adjusted, the saw band lifetime may be profoundly reduced or the cutting significantly extended due to smaller downfeeding.
Feed rate is set separately on the control panel. Cutting pressure is set on the guide cube.


Unattended saw concept – Flexibility guaranteed

Thanks to the flexible design, the saw Ergonomic CNC with feeding system SLE can be considered as unattended production unit with high productivity. The feeding tray on System SLE is available for the length of the rods from 3 m to 12 m. Saw can be also equiped unloading ejector system GBFR, or with the latest security technology – Securflex®.
After loading, the material is aligned with the axis of the vices by means of the pneumatic thrust device.
The separated material is transported to the band saw feeding area by means of the incorporated, driven roller conveyor.
Ergonomic 310.250 CNC
Feeding system SLE
Unloading ejecting system GBFR
Safety fence Securflex®
Safety laser beam

System solution

System solution for easy material flow

The M handling system offers wide program of roller conveyors and accessories for the Ergonomic CNC series. The material entry and exit sides of the saw can be equipped individually with the roller conveyors, pre-treating tables and vertical rollers..
Band saw Roller conveyer Standard length
Ergonomic 310.250 ACNC System M 330 2000 mm, 3000 mm
Ergonomic 310.250 GACNC System M 330 2000 mm, 3000 mm

Safety with system

Personnel are them most valuable part of every business and must be protected in compliance with current safety criteria. The Securflex® safety system allows every device to be secured individually, depending on the environment and requirements.
  • Grids of various widths and 1,600 or 2,000 mm height.
  • Doors in various widths made as swinging, sliding or double-wing.
  • Maintenance units with an offtake hook and electronic lock
  • Laser light lock systems to extensive safety
  • Several safety sections possible
A complex safety system for a fully automatic double mitring saw in compliance with valid EU machinery Directives.


Innovation in details

The equipment of this saw offers wide range of detailed innovations. In addition to highquality components, these concepts used in practice also increase performance and service lifetime of the machine and the saw band. Simple operation, shot cycle times and high cutting capacity are the basic presumptions of each individual concept.
Low wear
Notched, hardened rails of the feeder provide optimum material clamping and ensure low wear.
The pull-through conveyor ensures mild transportation of material all over feeding length as far as the clamping table.
Material output can be easily solved by adjustable glide.
Compact lifting cylinder
The vice and the feeder are fitted with the high-sized hydraulic lifting cylinders.
Service lifetime
The vice in the main vice and also in the feeder vice iis deposited on a massive lead.
Saw band guidance
The saw band is guided by means of precise, ground hard-metal plates and wear-resistant guide rollers.


Effective accessories

Micro-spray system
Ideal for cutting pipes and profiles – the MICRONIZER micro-spray unit applies lubricants to the teeth tips and to the rear side of the saw band.
Laser Liner
The laser generator is transmitting exact lines of an axial band-saw blade on the material surface. The Laser Liner enables an accurate adjustment of the marked material.
Band-tension measuring device
TENZOMAT – a sensitive and precise device for measuring the band tensioning, providing the control of the band tensioning after tool replacement.
Halogen light
A strong halogen light for comfortable lighting of the whole workspace.
Remote maintenance system
Through the Internet connection is transmitted status and error messages, thus shorten the time of operating downtime.
Clamping pressure regulation
Clamping pressure of both clamping cylinders is set centrally to prevent deformations of thin-walled pipes and profiles.
PCC Sensor
Continuous control of the cutting course. If the set value is exceeded, the machine operation will be stopped after the current cycle termination with an appropriate report.
Swarf removing pistol
The swarf removing pistol serves for fast and simple cleaning of the machine from swarf and burrs.