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System M

Roller Conveyer M

Roller Conveyer M 230/330/430

An inexpensive, modular roller conveyer system with steel or plastic rollers, widths of 230, 330 and 430 mm and module lenghts 2 and 3 m.

It can be installed on a variable number of feet with adjustable height in the range of 610 to 1020 mm.

BOMAR saw band machines can be connected by compliant connection and extension parts and extended by a rich range of options such as vertical rollers, stop systems etc.

Length: 2000 / 3000 mm
Width: 230 / 330 / 430 mm
Overall width: Roller width + 50 mm
Construction: shaped tin
Rollers: steel / plastic, ø60 mm
Number of rollers 7 (module 2m) / 11 (module 3m)
Bearings: sliding
Maximum load: 215 kg/m (steel rollers), 15 kg/m (plastic rollers)

Roller Conveyer M - Optional Accessories


Supporting feet

The supporting feet have adjustable height of 610-1020 mm and are available in 230, 330 a 430 mm widths.


Auxiliary table

The auxiliary table serves as a preparatory space for material. The consoles have adjustable height of 700-800 mm.


Vertical rollers

The vertical rollers prevent material from rolling away off the conveyer and lead the material parallel to the vice jaws.


Adjustable vertical rollers

The adjustable vertical rollers can be combined with fixed vertical rollers and are perfect for cutting bundles of material.


Safety front stops

The safety front stops prevent material from falling.


Connections segments

The connections segments are inserted between the conveyer and the band saw. They are equipped with rollers so that it is possible to lead material to the loading area of vice.


Mounting adapters

The mounting adapters ensure connection between connection segments and band saw.


Terminating parts

The terminating parts are mounted on the loose end of the conveyer to prevent the tin construction from sagging.


Length Stop M-A


The MA length stop is an inexpensive solution for many application areas and it can be installed to any roller conveyer.

It can be manually adjusted to the required piece length and tilted upwards. The MA length stop is available in lengths from 2 to 6 m.


Length setting: manual
Position fixing: manual
Measuring system: analog scale
Length: 3000 / 6000 mm

Feeder M-VL

Length: 3000 / 6000 mm
Maximum vice span: 200 mm
Highest material weight: 100 kg
Supply voltage: ~ 1 × 230V, 50Hz
Main motor output: 0.18 kW
Feeding speed: 30 m·min-1


Length Stop M-NCA


The MNCA is a convenient and comfortable measuring length stop system. A custom-developped control enables for storing up to 99 various lengths and for their retrieval by means of one keystroke.

The values are shown on two big, well-readable displays on the control panel. The control allows for automatic free stroke of the stop by means of connecting to the saw. Simple handling, high positioning speed and accuracy provide for highest possible time and cost savings.

The MNCA can also be installed to roller conveyers of other producers.

Length setting: NC control
position fixing: NC control
Accuracy: 0,3 mm
Length: 3000 / 6000 mm


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