Vinaora Nivo Slider

Individual 520.360 DGA

Automation in steel construction

With a long feed and two-sided automatic double bevelling up to 60°, an ideal production machine for steel construction. The wide cutting range allows even large beams to be divided into acute angles.

The pros of flexible automation

  • Automatic two-sided bevel cuts to 60°
  • Continuous band speed from 20 to 120 m/min using a frequency converter
  • Feed length custom adjusted to client requirements from 2,300 mm to 6,000 mm
  • Fed on precise, pre-stressed linear guides
  • Feed driven by a frequency-controlled industrial motor, sprocket and gear rack
  • Feed clamping jaws guided on play-free pre-stressed, large dimension linear guides
  • Extensive expansion possibilities with available options and accessories


Innovation in detail

The equipment on Individual double-bevel machines offers a wealth of detailed innovation. In addition to premium components, real-world experience provides solutions that improve the life and performance of the machine and the saw band. Simple operation, short cycling times and high cutting performance are the fundamentals of every detailed solution.

Synchron Die angetriebene Spänebürste läuft stets synchron zur Sägebandgeschwindigkeit.

Powered shavings brush always runs synchronized to the saw band speed.

Präzise und Stabil An beiden Säulen ist der Sägerahmen an hochpräzisen, spielfreien Linearführungen gelagert. Diese Führungen garantieren ein Maximum an Laufruhe und Schnittgenauigkeit.

Precise and stable
On both columns, the saw frame is mounted to high-precision, play-free linear guides. These guides guarantee maximally smooth operation and cutting precision.

Verschleißfrei Der Auflagetisch schwenkt bei Gehrungsschnitten mit dem Sägeband. Dadurch wird der Auflagetisch nicht eingesägt.

No wear
For bevel cuts, the supporttable swivels with the saw band. This ensures that the supporttable is never cut.

Gehrungsklemmung Die Gehrungsklemmung ist direkt an der Vorderseite der Schwenkkonsole angebracht und ermöglicht dadurch einen einfachen, unkomplizierten Arbeitsablauf.

Bevel clamp
The bevel clamp is right on the front of the pivoting console, thus allowing a simple, uncomplicated workflow.


Spielfrei Der Spannstock ist auf gehärtet und geschlinen Leisten geführt. Durch die spezielle Formgebung können die Führungsleisten jederzeit nachgestellt und der Spannstock stets spielfrei gehalten werden.

The vice is guided on hardened, ground rails. The special design allows the slide rails to be readjusted at any time and the vice to be held play-free.

Präzision Große Führungsschuhe aus vibrationsdämpfenden Guss in Kombination mit Hartmetall-Gleitführungen und verschleissarmen Führungsrollen sorgen für genaue, präzise Schnitte.

Large guide shoes made of vibration-damping cast material in combination with carbide slideways and low-wear guide rollers make for precise cuts.

Einfach. Klar. Übersichtlich. Das Bedienpult der Individual Halbautomaten ist einfach und übersichtlich gestaltet. Das beleuchtete Display bietet Statusund Fehlerfeldungen in Klartext.

Simple. Clear. Easy to use
The control panel on Individual semi-automatic devices is laid out simply and clearly. The lighted display gives status and error messages in plain text.

Sägebandspannung Zur Serienausstattung gehört unter anderem eine hydraulische Bandspannungsanzeige, sowie eine elektronische Sägebandspannungs- und Sägebandbruch-Kontrolle.

Saw band tensioner
Standard equipment includes a hydraulic band tension display, an electronic monitor for saw blade tension and saw band breakage, and more.


Load capable
For the entire length, the feed unit is equipped with a load-capable roll conveyor.




Certified Quality
All machine in Individual Serie are chcked by TÜV-Süd office and certified in conformity with actual machine directives.


A non-stop roll conveyer up to the main clamping device allows full support for the materials and little wear.



Cutting feed and cutting pressure are set individually at the control panel. The selected cutting pressure is displayed on a manometer.

Vollhubzylinder Großzügig ausgelegte Vollhubzylinder ermöglichen die Spannstockbedienung direkt vom Bedienpanel aus.

Full-lift cylinders
Generously sized full-lift cylinders allow vice operation right from the control panel.



ADFR – The highest precision. Faster cut.
Less wear

The ADFR system regulates the interplay of the cutting pressure and the cutting feed automatically in real time. A sensor gives the current load on the saw band and regulates the cutting feed according to the shape of the material. For larger cross cuts to the material, the cutting channel lengthens and the saw band's load increases. If the cutting feed in these ranges is not automatically adjusted, the saw band's life drastically decreases or the cutting time significantly drops due to a lower feed.


Technical data

Overview of technical data



Futuristic control technology

BOMAR Sägemaschinen Clear, simple operation without limiting the range of functions — those are the attributes
of the controls used in Individual series automatic saw machines.

Close collaboration with renowned manufacturers of control electronics has given rise
to innovative operational designs that allow clear communication with the operator
and the shortest possible learning curve.

At customer request, the controls can
be connected over the Internet to
the service unit at the factory.
Error messages and malfunctions
are promptly evaluated and
downtimes considerably reduced.

Double bevel

Program-controlled 60° two-sided double bevel

Clear, simple operation, without limiting the range of functions — those are the attributes of the controls used in the automatic saw machines of the Individual series.

Close collaboration with renowned manufacturers of control electronics has given rise to innovative operational designs that allow clear communication with the operator and the shortest possible learning curve.

gehrung_DGAEase of use
The controls are equipped with a large graphic display and ensure a short learning curve through their intuitive, dialog-based design.

Recurring cut data can be stored in the machine's controls and loaded when required. The controls allow storage of 60 programs of 25 sets each. A program set consists of a piece count, the cut length and the angle on each side of the work piece.

Additionally, the controls on Individual double bevel machines offer a cut optimization option to keep material consumption as low as possible.

Sample cut
Continuous two-sided double bevelling to 60° allows complicated cuts to be made with greater precision through time-saving automation. Programming is done in clear steps and gives a clear overview of the individual cuts on a graphic display.



A system solution for frictionless material flow

The new X handling system offers unprecedented flexibility for tailoring a handling system to individual needs and conditions. Load capacities and automation levels can be adjusted with perfect flexibility and modified at a later time. Besides the roll conveyor in a regular and propelled version, the X system comprises a rich array of options, from vertical rollers, to length measuring systems all the way to cross conveyor units and shifting devices.


h001-enHigh flexibility
With the new System X roll conveyors, the load capacity can be customized by the number of rollers and support feet used. The roll conveyor's feed profile even allows varying roller and foot distances on the same roll conveyor unit. When needed, additional rollers and/or support feet can be installed at any time.

h002Cross conveyor units
Easy on material in a trolley version, as a chain cross conveyor or as a slide unit with pushing fingers that can be used on both sides.
Length measuring systems
The handling program offers simple, precise length measuring systems in almost unlimited lengths for custom adjustment to your requirements. The versions range from a simple, completely manual measuring stop, to a digital measuring stop with hand wheel setting, all the way to a high-precision NC measuring stop with a sensitive limit switch for cutting heavy materials to exact length in coordination with propelled roll conveyors.
h004System X-HA
Simple, clear operation with a large display. From the membrane keyboard, the striking arm is pneumatically released or raised and lowered.
h005System X-HDA
Simple, clear operation with a large display. From the membrane keyboard, the striking arm is pneumatically released or raised and lowered.
h006System X-HNCA
Simple, clear operation with a large display. From the membrane keyboard, the striking arm is pneumatically released or raised and lowered.


Intelligent options for customization

The Individual series of semi-automatic devices comes standard with an incomparable range of equipment. With intelligent options and accessories, the machines can be customized in detail to individual requirements.


Bundle tensioning device
With an easily adjusted hydraulic cylinder, the bundle of material is tightened vertically.


A fine film of spray lubricant is spread from both sides onto the tooth tips, and onto the saw band clasps for better lubrication.


Hydraulic band tensioner
A powerful, large-dimension hydraulic cylinder is used for tensing the saw band. A pressure switch always keeps the band tension within the ideal range.


The laser projects the exact path of the saw band on the material.


A precise measuring tool for monitoring the saw blade tension when applying new saw bands.


Rinsing pistol for shavings
With its own efficient pump for rinsing accumulated shavings from support surfaces.


Digital bevel display
The digital bevel display is placed right on the bevel clamping lever for easy visibility. A precise magnet system provides definition of 0.1°.


Band path monitor
The saw cut is permanently monitored, and a signal is given if a programmable tolerance has been exceeded.


Clamping pressure regulation
A regulating screw is used to adjust the clamping pressure, and the maximum clamping force is shown on a manometer.


Remote maintenance system
Over an Internet connection, status and error messages are transmitted to the factory and decrease downtime.


Work light
Halogen work light for a bright working area. The light is mounted on a flexible arm and can be adjusted individually.


Connection parts
Suitable connection parts are available for the roll conveyor system of each machine version.



Memory expansion
Controls with memory expansion for storage of up to 200 programs.