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PractiX 285.230 G manual

PractiX 285.230 G manual is a band saw designed for universal usage in assembly and workshop.

Downfeed to the cut is performed via own weight of the saw frame. Downfeed speed is hydraulically regulated via bypass cylinder. After the cut is finished, the saw band stops running, so permanent control is not necessary. Saw frame can be turned up to 60° and accuracy of angle cuts is supported by precise hard-metal guiding of the band. Material can be clamped in the vice very easily via a lever.

Technical data

Saw band motor output:
Total input:
Saw band speed:
Saw band dimensions:
Smallest diameter:
Shortest scrap lengt:
Material laying height:
PractiX 285.230 G manual0,7 / 1,1 KW 400V / 50 Hz
1,1 kVA
35 / 72 m/min
2720×27×0,9 mm
5 mm
40 mm
750 mm
915×1410×1270 mm
215 kg


  • Handling System D
  • Handling System X
  • MICRONIZER Standard
  • LaserLiner


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