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Equipment like an argument

  • Shift length 600 mm, total shift up to 9999 mm
  • A divided main clamping device for short residual lengths and an ideal material clamping
  • A cylinder with hydraulic lift for feeding and the main clamping device
  • A continuous increasing band speed by the frequency converter from 20 as to 120 m/min
  • The automatic regulation of the sawing pressure, for the material form and quality to be adjusted
  • A metal chip brush, synchronous driven with the bandsaw blade
  • Visual dialog management system with great display and membrane switch
  • A free placeable console with all service elements on the saw's front


Automatic machine for any use

The Proline series automatic machines are drawn for the use in the manufacture without compromises. With an adequate CNC control and Visual Dialog management system can the Proline machines be simple operated and they convince by well-made kerf.

Bomar Proline Automaten - Technische Angaben

Well advised in details


Length of short rest pieces
The main clamping device jigs forward and behind the band-saw blade. Chucking jaws are provided with hardened ribbon inlays enabling a rest length 70 mm.


Precise band guidance
The accurate guide with hard metallic plates and the own shift of saw-blade provide precise sawing results.


Simple service
The Proline saws are equipped with the operating variant Visual Dialog enabling to tender the machine by holding a dialog with clear information in form of clear text.


A metal chips brush with a synchronous driven running according to the bandspeed provides an ideal cleaning effect.



Chucking power
A great sized chucking cylinder on the main clamping device and shift vice provide sufficient chucking power, a riffled clamping surface a good clamping again.


Slipway for drive-away
The Proline saws are serial equipped with a carrying slipway with draining mesh screen.



ADFR – high accuracy system. Fast sawing.

Very low wear.

The ADFR automatic system regulates the interplay of the cutting pressure of kerf feeding in real time. The actual load of the band-saw blade is sensor scanned and the kerf feeding regulated according to the material form. By more sized material cross sections is the kerf channel made longer and the loading of the band-saw blade is increasing. If the kerf feed doesn't adapt in these sections automatically, it happens drastically to reduce the stop-time/running life of the band-saw blade or the sawing time is slowing down through lesser feeding.

ADFR – part of the series
BOMAR ADFR - PROLINE SerieThe Proline series sawing machine are serial equipped with the ADFR system.


Handling System X

Handling System X – for heavy feed

High flexible handling solutions for heavy feed. Thanks to the unique profile system can be the System X roller conveyors individually adjusted to customer wishes any time, the load-bearing increases or if you like the roller distances changes. The accessories and bodywork parts high volume program integrates the System X spectrum.

h001Highly flexible system
Thanks to innovative profile system of roller conveyers System X and XP, we have achieved outstanding flexibility. These conveyers are already ready for serial production and are expandable for additional rollers and legs. Accessories such as vertical rollers, etc. can be applied additionally and without large costs.

Materialschonend als Trolley-Version, als Kettenquerförderer oder als Verschiebeeinheit mit beidseitig verwendbaren Mitnehmerfinger.


Das Handlingprogramm bietet einfache, präzise Längenmesssysteme in nahezu unbeschränkter Länge zur individuellen Anpassung an ihre Anforderung. Die Ausführungen reichen vom einfachen, rein manuell betätigten Messanschlag über einen digitalen Messanschlag mit Handradverstellung bis hin zum hochpräzisen NC-Messanschlag mit sensibler Endabschaltung zum genauen Ablängen von schweren Materialien in Verbindung mit angetriebenen Rollenbahnen.
h004System X-HA
Einfache, übersichtliche Bedienung mit einem großen Display. Über die Folientastatur wird der Anschlagarm pneumatische freigestellt bzw. angehoben und gesenkt.
h005System X-HDA
Einfache, übersichtliche Bedienung mit einem großen Display. Über die Folientastatur wird der Anschlagarm pneumatische freigestellt bzw. angehoben und gesenkt.
h006System X-HNCA
Einfache, übersichtliche Bedienung mit einem großen Display. Über die Folientastatur wird der Anschlagarm pneumatische freigestellt bzw. angehoben und gesenkt.

Handling System T

Handling System T – an ideal completion of the Proline series

The System T offers medium- weight roller conveyor with a wide program for individualization and matching to your requirements that was developed specially for Workline and Proline series.

Conveyor Roller width Length Roller d. max. kg/m
T 440 440mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m
T 540 540mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m
T 640 640mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m

Solide Konstruktion

Solide construction

A fixed frame and load- dependent seating cylinder with diameter of 70 mm creates a massive basis for the System T roller conveyor. The screw openings for accessories and supplements enable a back fitting with the vertical rollers, measuring stops or preparative foots for the material.


Measuring stops System T

Next to the wide program for roller conveyors inclusive accessories the System T offers measuring stops in various designs. Their operation is purely by hand as far as to CNC control.



Accessories with innovation


Pre-tensioning bundles adjustment
An adjustment of the pre-tensioning bundles enables a position and bundles tensioning by an additional vertical clamping unit.



The ESA system enables quick single kerfs on automatic machines. The material will be put in, through the console there will be entered the section lengths of the cut pieces and the saw makes the kerf thanks to laser detection automatically.


The PCC-Sensor supervises the sawing procedure permanently. By certain entered system-values overrun the automatically cycle will be broken and warning signal will be made.


Band tension signaling
A band tension signaling enables a permanent check of the band-saw blade tension in the course of running too.


3rd coolant line
For extra wide pieces of materials there is used the 3rd inlet of a coolant line. The coolant line is flexible and it can be adjusted according to the material form.


Band tension gauge
A sensible and accurate band tension gauge TENZOMAT is providing control on the band-saw blade tension during a tool change.


Rinsing gun for metal chips
The rinsing gun for metal chips acts for fast and simple clearing of the machine from metal chips and dross.


Metal chips conveyer
The metal chips conveyer with the clamshell bottom for the Proline machines integrated scanning system. The saw is ready for the metal conveyer operation and can be connected Plugand-Play.


A micro-spray unit applies a lubricating film on tips of teeth and feedings of band-saw blades for ideal sawing of tubing and profiles.


Clamping pressure regulation
The clamping pressure of both cylinders is centrally pre-set, the deformations firstly by thin-walled pipes and profiles to be avoided.


Halogen work light
The whole operational section is pleasantly lighted by a strong halogen light.



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