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Equipment as an argument

  • Double-column construction
  • Saw arm laid on a preloaded linear guiding on one side and on an auxiliary guiding on the other side
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  • A hydraulic full-stroke main clamping vice
  • Continuously settable saw band speed within the 20–120 m/min range
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  • Hardmetal band precision guide ensuring precise cutting
  • Continuously adjustable saw arm downfeed and pressure
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  • Automatic downfeed pressure regulation dependent on the processed material resistance
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  • Saw band running through the middle of the vice
  • „„
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine due to a nontensioned or broken saw band
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  • Large hydraulic unit


Semiautomatic saw for all uses

The ProLine H machine is a semiautomatic band saw of a doublecolumn construction with frequency converter for infinitely variable speed change blade. Proline series are for perpendicular cuts. It is designed for cutting either individual pieces or material in bundles using a hydraulic bundling machine.


Elaborated to every detail

Divided vice

The vice is divided and clamps the workpiece both before and behind the saw band. Clamping jaws are fitted with hardened insert rails.

Simple operation

Proline semiautomatic machines are equipped with a control panel located in an ergonomic height right on the saw.

Clamping force

A large clamping cylinder on the vice provides a sufficient clamping force, hardened insert rails provide the best clamping.

Precise band guiding

The precise saw band guiding with ground plates made of hardmetal and separate guiding of the band ridge ensure precise cutting results.


The swarf brush is always driven synchronously with the band speed, thus providing ideal cleaning efficiency.

Output slide

Proline saws are equipped with a slide on the output with draining openings.

ADFR Highest precision. Fast cutting. Minimal wear

The ADFR system regulates the coordination of the cutting pressure and downfeeding automatically and in real time. The saw band current loading and the cutting course according to the material shape are regulated with a sensor. With materials of bigger cross-sections, the cutting channel extends and the saw band loading increases. If the downfeeding in this section is not automatically adjusted, the saw band lifetime may be profoundly reduced or the cutting significantly extended due to smaller downfeeding

ADFR system

All Proline series saws are equipped with the ADFR system.

Handling System T

Handling System T – an ideal completion of the Proline series

The System T offers medium- weight roller conveyor with a wide program for individualization and matching to your requirements that was developed specially for Workline and Proline series.

Conveyor Roller width Length Roller d. max. kg/m
T 440 440mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m
T 540 540mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m
T 640 640mm 2000/3000mm ø 70mm 600 kg/m

Solide Konstruktion

Solide construction

A fixed frame and load- dependent seating cylinder with diameter of 70 mm creates a massive basis for the System T roller conveyor. The screw openings for accessories and supplements enable a back fitting with the vertical rollers, measuring stops or preparative foots for the material.


Measuring stops System T

Next to the wide program for roller conveyors inclusive accessories the System T offers measuring stops in various designs. Their operation is purely by hand as far as to CNC control.



Innovative accessories

PCC Sensor

Continuous control of the cutting course. If the set value is exceeded, the machine operation will be stopped after the current cycle termination with an appropriate report.

Swarf conveyor

A grabbing swarf conveyor for the integrated clamping system of Proline machines. The saw is ready for the swarf conveyor operation and may be Plug-and-Play connected

Micro-spray system

Ideal for cutting pipes and profiles – the MICRONIZER micro-spray unit applies lubricants to the teeth tips and to the rear side of the saw band.

Swarf removing pistol

The swarf removing pistol serves for fast and simple cleaning of the machine from swarf and burrs.

Band-tension measuring device

TENZOMAT – a sensitive and precise device for measuring the band tensioning, providing the control of the band tensioning after tool replacement..

Bundle clamping device

Bundle clamping device enables clamping layers and bundles with an additional vertical clamping unit.

Clamping pressure regulation

Clamping pressure of both clamping cylinders is set centrally to prevent deformations of thin-walled pipes and profiles.

Band tensioning indicator

The band tensioning indication provides a permanent control of the band tensioning, even during the machine operation.

3. Cooling agent supply

For extra wide materials, a third coolant supply is installed. The coolant supply is flexible and may be adjusted individually to the material shape.

Halogen light

A strong halogen light for comfortable lighting of the whole workspace.

Certified safety

All Proline series saws are supplied with a declaration of conformity with the current EU directives for machinery, issued by TÜV Süd for the Czech Republic.


TNCA measuring stop – High-tech for length measuring

CNC-controlled measuring stop TNCA offers full comfort of an additional measuring axis of the machine. The control allows programming of absolute as well as linked dimensions and disposes of a memory for 99 programs with 99 phrases. The length measurement is performed with a magnetic measuring system along the whole length of the stop with 0.1 mm accuracy.

Adjustable stop arm

The stop arm may be adjusted individually to a certain distance from the saw band. Double guiding guarantees the angle accuracy according to the setting.

Safety with the system

Personnel are the most valuable part of every business and must be protected in compliance with current safety criteria. The SECURFLEX safety system allows every device to be secured individually, depending on the environment and requirements. Besides grids, doors and maintenance elements, the system offers a laser light lock system ensuring extensive safety, especially in the area of material feeding and removal of the cutting line. The device securing is divided into individual safety circuits to prevent interruption of the operation of other sections.


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